Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Human Condition

What we are is based on how we were raised, the environment, and genetics, but there is more. We are each given a choice as what to do with our lives. We can fight or give up. Some have life handed to them and some do not. We each give up in our own way, also each fight in our own way. What separates us is what we do with what we are given. Greatness is not handed to us, but more how great we make what is handed to us. Why is it that some of us can read volumes of books and walk away with nothing and others can read the ingredients on a candy wrapper and unlock the secrets of the Universe? We are each given something greater than ourselves. We either chose to use it or not. I say be more than you think you can be. Reach for what seems impossible or far away. Many people had greatness thrust upon them, more then we know because some cut and run from their greatness. Be what you were made to be. Do not be afraid of the unknown, but embrace it for it may be greatness waiting to be had.

W. Michael McCulley

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